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Shipping in the EU

Reflecting the importance of the maritime sector to the European Union’s economy, emissions from shipping make up as much as 4% of the EU’s total. As is the case globally, European shipping sector emissions are on course to grow substantially by 2050, if no remedial action is taken.

The EU preferred reaching a global solution to reel in shipping sector emissions but expressed its readiness to act if the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) did not take sufficient action. This occurred when the European Union decided to extend the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) to take on board the shipping sector. This is due to enter into force in 2024.

What is CMW doing about it?

When it comes to shipping in the EU, Carbon Market Watch focuses on:

  • Monitoring EU climate policy related to the shipping sector, including the expanded EU ETS
  • Investigating the impact of the European shipping sector’s climate policies
  • Researching and presenting recommendations to the EU related to internal shipping policies and to its relationship to the IMO

The EU needs to navigate its shipping sector towards ambitious climate action

The EU needs to navigate its shipping sector towards ambitious climate action

What changes is CMW demanding?

The effective implementation of the EU ETS for shipping

Using EU ETS shipping revenue to help decarbonise the shipping sector and boost innovation

The EU steering climate negotiations at the IMO towards greater climate ambition


Ship wreck

International shipping’s new climate plan provokes storm of protest

Green groups criticised the International Maritime Organisation’s failure to raise the shipping sector’s climate ambition sufficiently to ensure that this highly polluting sector navigates a course that is compatible with keeping global temperature increases within the 1.5°C limit set out in the Paris Agreement.


Image: Olga Subach, Unsplash
The EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is being expanded to cover shipping. But what does this involve and what does it mean for the maritime sector?

The EU needs to navigate its shipping sector towards ambitious climate action

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