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Get to know CMW

Carbon Market Watch is an independent, not-for-profit watchdog and research organisation with unique expertise in carbon pricing and a track record of shaping and influencing international and European climate policy.

Part of the solution

Given the urgency of tackling the climate emergency and halting climate breakdown, carbon pricing and other climate policies are critical tools for cutting pollution and driving a just transition towards zero-carbon societies. CMW aims to ensure that market-based climate policies fulfil their promise, in wise combination with regulatory and incentivising measures.

Carbon-pricing watchdog

We monitor and analyse critically the carbon pricing plans and climate policies of governments and corporations and call them out when their performance does not match their promises, leads to environmental damage or ignores people’s rights. 

We do not just identify what is wrong, we also propose ways of putting it right. We develop robust solutions for the issues we sniff out as a watchdog.


European Union transparency register

EU consultations and expert groups

Observer Status

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, International Maritime Organisation and Civil Aviation Organisation


Climate Action Network and European Environmental Bureau


CMW enjoys observer status at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

Observer Status

CMW is registered in the European Union transparency register for interest groups and engages in regular consultations with the EU institutions


CMW is a member of the Climate Action Network (CAN) and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

Guided by science

Drawing on the latest science and practical experience, our research and evidence-based advocacy strive to highlight real-world problems, improve climate policymaking and promote innovative alternatives to the status quo. We turn complex issues into comprehensible and engaging language to inform media, policymakers and civil society organisations. We help people understand and influence climate policies that affect them.

Just transition and human rights

The ‘polluter pays’ principle guides our vision and we seek to uphold it in our advocacy work. This is because we are convinced that those most responsible for the climate crisis must shoulder the greater responsibility for a just transition. In addition, fair and effective climate policies depend on robust democratic processes. Climate measures need to be implemented in line with universal human rights so that they work for people and the environment. 

For fair and effective climate action

Our backstory

We grew out of a decade’s work scrutinising the implementation of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a carbon offsetting programme under the UN’s Kyoto Protocol. Over the years, CDM Watch evolved into Carbon Market Watch, with a broader mission to examine and influence international and European carbon pricing and other climate policies.

Founding of CDM Watch
Name change to Carbon Market Watch
Executive Director Sabine Frank takes over from founding director Eva Filzmoser
CMW family doubled in size since 2019
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Our structure

We take responsibility for our unavoidable carbon footprint through an internal carbon budget and adhere to our values of transparency and democratic governance in our practices.

Our funders

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