Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor

Major corporations around the world lay claim to being climate champions with their “net zero” pledges and “carbon neutral” products and services.

But how seriously are these multinational companies tackling the climate emergency? Which are taking genuine green action and which are engaged in greenwashing?

The annual Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor assesses and investigates the climate claims and strategies of some of the world’s largest firms to separate the heroes from the zeros of climate action.

2024: Decade of action or inaction?

Despite being four years into the pivotal decade for combating climate change, only a handful of companies have committed to 2030 goals grounded in the latest climate science, accompanied by tangible strategies for implementation, , reveals the 2024 Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor.

2023: Net zero or not zero?

Despite claiming to be champions of climate action, two dozen of the world’s largest and richest corporations are hiding their climate inaction behind the fig leaf of green-sounding ‘net zero’ plans, concludes the 2023 CCRM.

2022: Green action or greenwashing?

Major global companies are avoiding meaningful climate action and are instead using false, misleading or ambiguous green claims, the CCRM found in 2022.