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Sabine Frank

Sabine’s role is to ensure Carbon Market Watch adapts its purpose and activities to “the future as it emerges” and that Carbon Market Watch plays a uniquely useful role in the political battle for the climate and humanity. She is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the organisation. Before joining Carbon Market Watch, Sabine worked for several foundations, notably the Schöpflin Stiftung as Head of Programme “Economy and Democracy”, and also has many years of leadership experience of NGOs at European level. She has become a committed “Bruxelloise” and cares about life in the city of Brussels becoming sustainable. She can be convinced to enjoy long-distance bike rides and is partial to dance opportunities.

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Sam Van den plas

As Policy Director, Sam is in charge of Carbon Market Watch’s policy strategy, positioning and advocacy outreach. Sam has worked for environmental NGOs since the start of his career and his main areas of expertise include EU and international climate policy, carbon markets, the EU Emissions Trading System and industrial decarbonisation. Sam is determined to make a difference in the struggle against climate breakdown. He believes large polluters need to be held accountable to phase out their carbon pollution and the use of fossil fuels, including through carbon pricing. Sam lives in Gent in a sustainable cohousing project. He likes gardening and cross-country skiing. Unfortunately, both hobbies are made more difficult by the impacts of the climate crisis.

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Khaled Diab

Khaled is Carbon Market Watch’s communications director. A fierce eco-worrier with a penchant for puns, Khaled strives to talk the walk and walk the talk towards a sustainable future. Prior to joining CMW, Khaled worked at the European Environmental Bureau.

Khaled is a veteran journalist and communicator. His byline has appeared in some of the world’s leading publications and outlets, as well as some you’ve probably never heard of. He has also written two books.

In his spare time, Khaled likes to write, read, travel and explore different cultures.

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Policy team


Gilles Dufrasne

Gilles leads our work on global carbon markets. He tracks developments at the United Nations climate talks, and in the so-called voluntary carbon market. Gilles holds an MSc. in environmental economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. When he is not thinking about carbon markets, he spends his time hiking, being an excessively competitive board game player, and playing the guitar.



Jonathan Crook

Jonathan works on carbon credits and the compliance/voluntary markets on which they are traded internationally, including Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. He also works on ‘EUCityCalc’, a project aiming to scale up urban climate action. He has a master’s degree in Environmental Policy from Sciences Po Paris, and prior to joining Carbon Market Watch, he worked at the OECD on policy issues concerning cities and sustainable development – local climate action, energy efficiency and sustainable housing. While Jonathan will be forever a New Yorker at heart, he loves exploring new cities and hiking in the mountains.



Lindsay Otis Nilles

Lindsay is part of the team working on global carbon markets, but she also works on European consumer protection policy surrounding green claims (“greenwashing”). She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara; a J.D. from American University Washington College of Law; and an LL.M in International and European Law from the Institute of European Studies at the Free University of Brussels. Before joining Carbon Market Watch, she worked at various law firms in the U.S. and Brussels, in addition to her internship at the U.N. in Geneva. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband, and the occasional dance class.



Benja Faecks

Benja works on global carbon markets, with a focus on the voluntary carbon market. Before joining Carbon Market Watch, she developed a carbon sequestration methodology for the startup AESTI-impact and ran an internship at Climate Focus. She holds a master’s degree in Climate Studies and a bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies, both from Wageningen University and Research. In her spare time, Benja impatiently watches her plants grow, loves to go for a run, and enjoys socialising.



Inigo Wyburd

Inigo is part of the global carbon markets team focusing on the voluntary carbon market (VCM). Previously he worked as a carbon markets intern for a project developer and sustainability consultancy in London. After graduating from the University of Exeter with a BSc in Biological Sciences, he completed a MSc in Climate Change, Development and Policy at the Institute of Developmental Studies. Outside of work he likes to travel and discover new cultures, and enjoys cooking and playing sports.



Isa Mulder

Isa focuses on global carbon trading in the context of the Paris Agreement as well as the voluntary market. She previously worked as a campaigner for a fair and ambitious energy transition. She holds an MSc in Sustainable Development from Utrecht University and a BSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. Themes of justice and fairness and how these interact with climate change are very important to her, both professionally and personally. She also enjoys reading, cooking, and learning how to make or repair almost anything herself.



Wijnand Stoefs

Wijnand leads on carbon dioxide removal policy, and follows EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) and other fields. His greatest ambition is to be able to accurately describe himself as an effective campaigner for inter-and intragenerational equity and justice. Before joining Carbon Market Watch, Wijnand worked on EU and international climate change policy, including the EU ETS, ESR and Article 6, at think tanks ERCST and CEPS. He holds an MSc in economics and another in political science from the University of Leuven. Outside of the (home-)office, Wijnand dotes on his young daughter, plays with his dog and, time permitting, enjoys life in beautiful Brussels with his significantly better half.



Fabiola De Simone

Fabiola works on European climate policies, with a particular focus on carbon dioxide removal and negative emissions. Previously, she worked as government affairs manager in the field of energy and climate at the European renewable ethanol association, and as an intern at the OECD’s Trade and Agriculture Directorate and at the European Commission’s DG AGRI. She holds an MSc in public policies and a BSc in political science and international relations. Fabiola is committed to raise awareness about the climate crisis in her role as member and blogger for, an Italian web magazine on climate change. She also likes reading, practicing yoga, dancing, bouldering and taking pictures with her dad’s old analogue camera. On weekends, Fabiola likes trying Brussels’ pizzerias in the search for the true Neapolitan pizza.



Marlène Ramón Hernández

Marlène works in carbon dioxide removals and follows relevant European law and policy. Previously, she was an Assistant to a Member of the European Parliament, where she focused on the legislative work of the Agriculture and Rural Development, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, and Employment and Social Affairs committees. She holds an LLM in International Law from University College London and an LLB in Law and Politics from Queen Mary University of London. As a foodie, Marlène is determined to try as many food places as possible. She also enjoys discovering new cities and attending cultural events.



Bastien Bonnet-Cantalloube

Bastien focuses on the decarbonisation of aviation and shipping. He has a double master’s degree in European affairs from Sciences Po Paris and in political economy of Europe from the London School of Economics. Before joining Carbon Market Watch, he worked for four years at Hydrogen Europe on policy issues concerning industrial decarbonisation and the use of hydrogen, carbon markets, and value chain sustainability. Coming from the French Alps, Bastien loves outdoor activities, sports and travelling. He also highly values the opportunities in Brussels to mingle in international contexts, practise foreign languages, listen to live music or find a new great spot for exquisite coffee or cuisine.


Lidia Tamellini

Lidia‘s work centres on the decarbonisation of the European Union’s industry, covering the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), and other related legislation. She has a legal background, holding a master’s degree in comparative, European and International law from the University of Trento. Lidia gained significant advocacy experience in climate and renewable energy in her previous role at an energy storage industry association. Beyond her professional pursuits, Lidia is passionate about all things music, from playing the piano to going to festivals, but would also be happy to spend most weekends hiking.



Eleanor Scott

Eleanor focuses on everything to do with the EU Carbon market. Before joining Carbon Market Watch, Eleanor worked on innovation policy and stakeholder engagement at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Eleanor holds a Master of Science in Environmental Governance from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Geography. Her research focuses on questions of efficiency and equity in market responses to climate change. When not thinking about carbon Eleanor likes to root around for antique treasures and other junk in the markets of Brussels and make things for loved ones.



Martin Fischer

Martin is a policy and project intern focussed on the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and the new fuel emissions trading system (ETS 2), and carries out project management tasks related to the LIFE ETX project. He holds a MSc in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy from the Vienna University of Economics and Business as well as a BSc in Biology. He is passionate about contributing to effective climate policy and to the socio-ecological transformation of the economy towards a system that is ecologically sustainable and socially just on a global level.


Communications team


Miriam Vicente Marcos

Miriam is responsible for CMW’s contribution to the EUCityCalc project and leads its communications strategy. She also handles processes related to  CMW’s membership. Previously, Miriam was the project manager of the LIFEPlanUp and also worked on developing and implementing CMW’s digital media and communication strategies. She still looks after the communications work that pertains to CMW’s operations. She holds a Master’s in Marketing, Branding, and Communications from Brighton University. She loves visual arts and traveling.


Noemí Rodrigo Sabio

Noemí contributes to implementing and conceptualising CMW comms activities and campaigns. She is a firm believer in storytelling and creative processes combining text, visual and multimedia mediums. She is also the comms lead of the LifeETX project. Holder of a degree in Journalism, she graduated in European Policy and Communication at IHECS and gained a MA in Documentary Photography from the University of the Arts London. As part of the environmental movement in Brussels, Noemí collaborated with NGO’s such as Climate Action Network Europe. She also carries out photo projects unveiling environmental stories through exhibitions, books and actions. Noemí enjoys playing the cello and discovering the numerous secret corners of the city.

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Gavin Mair

Gavin is a member of the communications team. He formerly supported the work of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, and held responsibility for media output and office management for two MEPs prior to Brexit. He is an experienced campaigner, relishing the challenge of communicating for causes that have a social and environmental impact and is motivated by CMW’s mission of holding businesses and governments to account as they move towards essential environmental ambitions and transitions. When not fighting the good fight Gavin can typically be found enjoying live music or attending to his houseplants.

Operations and development team


Anas Henawy

Anas’s role focuses on finance and grant management. He oversees the financial health of CMW and helps ensure its continued viability. Anas has over 15 years of international experience in finance and HR consultancy for non-profits and for social enterprises, gathered in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Anas thrives on helping others and enjoys that his work generates a social impact that genuinely improves people’s lives. When he is not at work, Anas likes to cook an exotic recipe, discover a different cuisine, learn a new language, or watch a sci-fi series.

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Leonela Garcés

Leonela works as part of the Finance team, mainly supporting with bookkeeping and payroll. She takes part in the follow-up and distribution of funding for our projects. She studied Finance and Accounting spending one year abroad at the University of Southampton. She also completed specialized training in Taxation and Payroll. Her hobbies include running, dancing and sharing food with friends.



Gemma Bowcock

Gemma manages the LIFE ETX project, of which Carbon Market Watch is the lead partner. She previously worked in the communications team, where she led the process to redesign CMW’s brand and website. She is passionate about creative and impactful advocacy for positive change. She holds a BSc in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour, and an MA in Children’s Book Illustration. Since graduating in 2011, Gemma has worked in a variety of roles for environmental NGOs. Outside of work, she enjoys music-making, crafts and puzzles, and cares for two mischievous cats.

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